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Here is your 8 Steps For Getting The Dream House


Step 1: Find The Best Agent

This is the most important step during house buying process. Remember even though every good agent could provide you a variety of property information, only the best one know the way to integrate and utilize resources based on your needs.


Step 2: Financial Preparations

Be prepared, especially financially, as those preparation can make you become a persuasive buyer. If you are a foreign buyer who prefer to pay by cash, consider deposit your money in a bank that located in the U.S. If you need loans, applying it as soon as possible.


 Step 3: Searching for the Right House 

Based on your family needs and financial capability, our agent will recommend houses with the right price, in the right location, and with the right room type for you. We will not only show you the house, we will bring you to nearby school, transportation station, recreation park, shopping mall and so forth. Our goal is to help you to become the master of life in the area that you are interested.


Step 4: Negotiation

How to get your dream house with the right price? The answer is negotiation. A comprehensive marketing analysis is a powerful tool during negotiate process as those analyze results could be your bargaining chips. However, you don’t need to do it by yourself, our agent will do it for you and help you maximize your profits.


 Step 5: House Inspection

According to the convention of New York States, as a buyer you have the chance to conduct home inspection after fixing the house price. We will recommend the most professional home inspector for you. If there have any problem of the house, we would love to re-negotiate the price or find a new house for you based on your needs.


Step 6: Signing Contract  

In New York State, housing transaction requires buyer and seller hire professional attorney on behalf of the contract signing process. At the time of signing, the buyer will be required to pay a deposit fee to a escrow account of the seller’s lawyer. Total amount of the deposit fee is 10% of the house’s selling price. After signing, the seller shall not sell the house to others. And if the buyer withdraw during this time, the deposit fee will not be refund. If there is any problem about the loan or property right, buyer could get refund. If you have any question during this process, we suggest you consult attorney immediately.


 Step 7: Loans   

If you buy the house with cash, you don’t need to worry about this step. However, if you need loans, after signing the contract, you will have 60 to 90 days to apply for bank approval. During the same time, a property survey company will be hire by buyer’s lawyer to determine the type of the house and to ensure the house has no property rights controversial, no mortgage, no illegal construction. In addition, buyer can order the floor plan of the house to determine the boundary with neighbors. Communication is essential during this time, as your agent, we will follow up all the process for you.


Step 8: Closing

In the end, our agent will help you finalize the closing date. Within 48 hours prior to the house transfer, we will take you to the Final Walk-Through to ensure gas, electricity, and water are working properly. We will also coordinate with attorney and the bank to explain related transfer fees. More than that, if you need transfer water and gas account under your name, we would love to help you with that.